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Tips for HDB BTO interior design



Many single people are living in Housing Development Board (hdb) apartments since they are affordably priced. Some of these apartments are built to order (bto) for homeowners who have initially purchased the apartment. Since people are spending more time at home, and also entertaining others, the homeowner would like to hire the services of a reliable interior designer like Darwin Interiors to improve the interiors of the apartment. Some of the information which the homeowner will have to provide to the designer he hires for hdb bto interior design are discussed below.



One of the main aspects of the interior design is the design style for the home, which is specified by the homeowner based on personal preferences. Some homeowners prefer a minimalistic style that is not cluttered and is also usually inexpensive. Other homeowners may prefer a modern, industrial or classic style for their home. In some cases, the homeowner will have regional/thematic preferences, so he will want the home designed based on the particular theme. So based on the style chosen, the interior designer, will finalize the layout, decor, furniture, and lighting in the room.



In most homes, the walls and ceiling are painted, though some homes may have wallpaper installed since it is less messy. Usually, most homes are having their interiors painted in pastel colors since these colors will make the room look bigger. The homeowner can indicate his personal preferences while choosing the colors used in the larger rooms of the house like the living room since he will spend a lot of time in the room. The flooring color will depend on the type of flooring selected, tiles are usually light in color, while wooden and other flooring is brown or in a similar dark color.


Decor and furniture

The furniture and decor for the room depend to a large extent on the design style which has been selected. Though wooden furniture is luxurious and elegant, it may not be very durable since it may get attacked by termites and other insects. Glass furniture has to be handled carefully. It is important to have enough storage space in the house, since items left on the table, chairs, sofas will make the house look cluttered. The furniture like beds should have a provision for storage below the bed, to avoid wasting space. Additionally, overhead shelves for storage of items can also be installed.



It is important to have proper lighting in each room based on how the room will be used. The room layout should be designed to make proper use of natural lighting available. It is important to have proper illumination if the room will be used for reading or writing, while less lighting is required in the bedroom. Though most homes have concealed wiring and recessed lighting, this is more difficult to troubleshoot if there is a problem. Accent lights should also be provided to highlight a specific feature of the room, like the antique statue, room painting. Mirrors can be installed to make the room look bigger.

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