Kids study table

Study table for children using laptops or tablets



Earlier most students in Singapore were mainly using textbooks and notebooks for their studies. These books were sturdy and would not suffer much damage if they fell from a height to the floor. So shelves were sufficient for storing these books. However, in the last few years,a large number of Singapore students are using laptops and tablets for their studies. In some cases, these gadgets are also used for online tuition. So while purchasing a study table for children Singapore, it is important to ensure that the student can use the laptop/tablet comfortably on the study table.



The study table top should be large enough so that the tablet/laptop can be kept safely on the table. Hence it is advisable to measure the dimensions of the gadget which the child is using. Usually the tablet is lighter and smaller in size while the laptop is larger. Also for the laptop, the child may use an external mouse and keyboard so the table should be large enough to accommodate these accessories. The table top should be made from quality material which is not slippery, so that the gadgets do not fall off the table accidentally. 



Both the tablet as well as the laptop have a rechargeable battery, so there should be a provision for routing the cables properly in the table. In some cases, the table will have a hole through which the power cable for the gadget is routed. There should also be a provision for keeping the charger on the table safely. The wiring is usually routed through the back side of the table, so that the user does not trip on the cables and fall. Ideally the table should be located close to a power outlet in the room, so that additional cables are not required for the power supply. 



Though some schools are using computers for teaching and tuition, children continue to do a large part of their studies using notebooks and textbooks. So when the laptop/tablet is not being used, it is important to store it carefully, so that it is not damaged. Compared to books, the electronic gadgets are far more fragile, and may break into pieces if they accidentally fall to the ground or hit something hard. Also since water is a good conductor of electricity, the gadgets are likely to get damaged if water or other liquid will spill on the gadget. While wet books can be used after drying them, if the gadget is wet, usually expensive repairs are required.


Hence open shelves used for books are not suitable for storing the gadgets when they are not being used. Ideally the gadgets should be stored in closed drawers which are large enough to accommodate the gadget. This ensures that the gadget will not fall out accidentally. The drawer used should also be large enough to accommodate the charger and wiring/cables used with the laptop. Though most people prefer to store their laptop/tablet in the drawer below the table top, other locations may also be considered.

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