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Macbook battery replacement services in Singapore



One of the main reasons why people prefer to use a macbook is because they can use it for some time, even when there is no power supply. The battery powers the macbook, when the ac power supply is not connected. However, the battery in the macbook may malfunction due to which the macbook may not work, shut down suddenly or may become a safety hazard. In this case the macbook owner should contact a reliable macbook battery replacement singapore like Esmond Laptop service centre and get the macbook battery replaced at the earliest.


In some cases, the macbook battery problem is obvious even without using the gadget. The battery of the macbook becomes bloated and is protruding from the bottom cover of the macbook. In this case, the battery can become a safety hazard, since it could explode anytime. For other battery related problems, the functioning of the macbook is adversely affected. It may not be possible to start the macbook without connecting it to the power supply. In other cases, the battery may get drained quickly within one or two hours or the macbook may shut down suddenly since the battery is drained.


Esmond service centre offers macbook diagnostic and repair services for all models of macbooks ranging from the basic Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro , Macbook Pro Retina to Macbook Pro Touchbar model. Our experienced technicians will check the macbook to diagnose the problem with the battery. In some cases, the battery may malfunction due to mishandling the macbook, dropping it from a height. In other cases, fluctuations in the power supply, especially power surges can damage the battery of the macbook, due to which it may not get charged properly, or is getting drained quickly.


We have the latest tools for diagnosing the problem with the macbook. After we have diagnosed the problem, we will provide a quote to the macbook owner indicating the fees for the battery replacement. Only if the macbook owner confirms that the price is acceptable, our staff will complete the macbook repairs. We have a wide range of macbook batteries in stock, and also the tools required for removing the existing battery, replacing it with a new battery. Our staff is well trained, and will complete the battery replacement quickly and efficiently. We usually complete the battery replacement within one hour.


One of the reasons why we are one of the most popular macbook repair shops in Singapore is because we offer a warranty on the repairs we do. Since we use high quality components, we are confident that our repairs will last for a long time, and offer a warranty. While some macbook owners may try to replace the battery themselves to save money, they should be aware that macbook battery removal is not easy. If the person does not have prior experience or the right tools, he may damage the macbook further, causing greater damage. Hence it is advisable to use professional services for replacing the macbook battery, it is usually more cost effective in the long term.

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