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How to choose the right o level chemistry tuition?



O level exams are stepping stone of your child’s career. Only once he/she excels in a particular subject in these exams can the child progress towards the advanced level. Needless to say, the tuition which you choose for your child plays a crucial role in the same. It is particularly true when looking at chemistry and other such technical subject options.


The question is how to choose the best o level tuition for your child? Instead of getting confused between the different tuition options, it is better to follow our guide below. The guide will let you know the parameters to consider while choosing such a solution. Once you follow it, picking the right option will be easy.


  1. Go with an experienced teacher:

The very first thing which you should look at is the experience of the teacher. The teacher should have at least five years of experience in teaching that subject. The best thing is that most teachers will list their experience on the website itself. Due to this very reason, finding this detail is not going to be a problem. You can inquire about the same before choosing any tuition.


An experienced teacher with a proper track record can help your child excel in a subject.


  1. Inquire about the teaching technique:

Different teachers use different teaching techniques. The effectiveness of teaching depends on the teaching technique. You have to enquire about it as well before making the decision. Ideally, you’re looking for a tuition teacher who undertakes short but frequent lessons. Each session should be concise.


The teacher should also focus on the revision to ensure that the students grasp the topics thoroughly. Only when that is the case, you can go ahead with that tuition.


  1. Ask for references:

Still, confused between the different tuition options?


An easy way out is to ask for references. You have to speak to those references. When you talk with those students and their parents, you will get a first-hand account. Depending on this feedback, you can decide whether to go ahead with this tuition teacher or not.


  1. Cost:

Of course, money is secondary, and you’re looking for the best education for your child. However, you cannot ignore the cost of that tuition entirely. Therefore, you have to enquire regarding the cost. Simultaneously, you have to look at its duration as well. When you consider the cost in conjunction with the other parameters, it will allow you to choose tuition that offers value for money.


  1. Teacher qualification:

Also, you cannot ignore the qualifications of the teacher either. If the teacher has education qualifications pertaining to the subject, you have to prefer that teacher over others. With a strong educational background, the teacher can help the students in a much better way.


  1. Class timings:

Finally, you have to shortlist that tuition according to the class timings on offer. Only when the class timings are conducive for your child, you can go ahead with that tuition.




So, instead of getting confused between different o level chemistry tuition options, you just have to use the guide above. When you judge the various tuition options on these six parameters, shortlisting the right one is easy. It is time to choose the best for your kid when it comes to technical subjects like chemistry.

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