Finding qualified IB tutors



The employees working in multinational companies are relocating every few years, usually to a different country. So if these employees have school going children they will prefer to enroll the children in international schools. This will reduce the disruption to education since the student can get admission to another international school in the new country. Many of the international schools are following the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. So if the student requires help in his or her studies the parent is looking for ib tutors who can guide the student.


Finding tutors

The schools in Singapore are following different curriculum for studies and only some of the international schools are following the IB curriculum. The IB curriculum also differs from other curriculum, so it is important to find tutors who are aware of the grading system and teching in the IB system. So the parent should first specify that he requires IB tutors, then the subject and level which the tutor will be teaching. Usually a large number parents will hire IB tutors for the student just before the exam. The parent can hire online tutors or home tutors who will visit the home for teaching the student.


After the requirement for tutors is posted online at Champion tutor, the tutors registered with the website can apply for the job. Usually the parent will also specify the hourly rate which he is willing to pay, so that the tutor can apply for the job accordingly. Many of the top rated tutors have a large number of parents, students interested in their services, so they are charging a higher rate. Other criteria for choosing the tutor are the qualification, experience, specialization of the tutor, rating and feedback from students who have used their services. 



Usually the fees of the tutor are not a major constraint for most parents in Singapore, who are well paid executives, who want the best for their child. So the main criteria for choosing the right ib tutor is the experience and skills of the tutor. Some of the top rated tutors have several years experience in teaching in IB schools, and also have their own tuition centers where they teach students. Other tutors are able to understand the students who they teach very well, find out the reason for the poor grades, and change their attitude and method of studying so that the student is getting better grades. 



The IB curriculum is divided into three levels based on the age of the student. For the primary level for students aged between three and twelve, the students are given a good foundation in math, science for their further studies. The middle years program for students aged between thirteen and sixteen, students also learn humanities and technology in addition to other subjects. Finally the IB diploma program for students till the age of 19 and is the most rigorous of the three level program. Based on the age of the student, parents can hire experienced home tutors who will explain all the concepts involved clearly.

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